Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hi my friends!! I passed TK!!!!

You have no idea what a relief that is! There has been dread about TK since I first got here. I got a 100 on the closed and the open book tests! We lost one person after the open book test (there are no re-takes) so that was pretty sad. Then we did scenarios in the 767 mock up and it is one that actually rocks and rolls and simulates crashing. It was the whole class. Fun! Then we all had to jump down the 767 slide (we all look like we are in parish prison - see the pics with the jumpsuits!!!). After lunch we had our oxygen pc (where we were tested on administering oxygen). Then we had our three doors. I had to open the 737, the 767, and the 747. The 737 door is the only manual door there is, I knew I'd end up with it. Anyhow, we have to sit in the jump seat while they crash us and we have to do an emergency evac. Anyhow, the process is (while you are saying specific commands) to alert the cockpit then assess the conditions out the door then open the door and protect yourself by hanging on to either a handle or your straps on the jumpseat and then pull the manual inflation handle. OK, so for this stupid door you have to push it all the way out until it latches against the plane and while it's opening you have to grab the handle to protect yourself from getting pushed out of the plane by passengers. Well... the damn door is freaking heavy, I opened the door with both hands and pushed with both hands, as it opened I moved my left hand to the jumpseat straps and then the door came flying back at me. So, since my had was protecting me already, I couldn't move it or I'd fail the door so I had to open the door with one hand and shove it all the way open. It smashed my hand, but I did it. My instructor was impressed, but I was freaked out. You get 1 retake for a door, but I wasn't going to go through that! Other than that it was an adrenaline rush and a half. We lost one more class member at the doors. That really sucked. When we got back to the training center all of our supervisors and the JFK class (that actually graduated today-Thurs) were lined up cheering for us. It was pretty cool. Then we had to change into uniforms for appearance checks. From now on we are in uniform.

Today I had my second training flight. Richard and I went to Charlotte, NC. It was quick and fun. We had a great crew! We did the demo and the service. I am exhausted but that's ok. Tomorrow we have class from 7 to 4:30 and then we are off Saturday and have class starting Sunday through Tues because on Wed I leave for Narita!! Yes, my international flight! Wish me luck. Enjoy the pictures!!


Melissa Renee' said...

Whoa! I love your uniforms! They are not maw maw ish and plain...they have tons of personality...and I dig that scarf! You are so my mom! Love you!

Josie said...

You look awesome!!! The uniform looks like it was made just for you. Congratulations on passing TK. I'm so glad you didn't fall off the plane trying to open the door. Have a great time in China. Just a couple of weeks left. Keep up the good work.


Josie said...

Did I say have a great time in China? I meant Japan. It's only 7am but I've been up since 4:30. I've been to the gym, showered, dressed and even took time to finally write a comment in your blog. It's time to get this bod back in shape. Jacob has just gotten up, so its time to get him ready for school. Looking forward to hearing about your first international flight.

Love and Hugs,