Sunday, October 7, 2007

Okay, I am tired and ready to graduate! We have been in TK since last Monday and we have today (Sunday) and tomorrow off. We go back to TK Tues & Wed. Wed is emergency procedures testing day. I am pretty confident about my emergency door opening PC and I am still studying my immediate actions (they are emerg procedures that have to be memorized). We actually have 6 tests on Wednesday. Class is from 6:30 am 'til 3pm. We have to leave the training center at 6am.... It's rough. I know, poor me!

On Thursday I have my second domestic training flight. I am going to Charlotte, NC. So exciting.... and I am going to Narita, Japan for my international flight. I leave Wed, 10/17, it's a 12 hour flight, we cross the international date line (going backwards, weird) and we have a 22 hour layover there and 12 hours back. I'm not much into Oriental stuff, so I guess this is cool since I probably won't be going back (at least not by choice). What the heck do I get as a souvenir?

I start week 5 tomorrow (even though I am off) and I have about 2 1/2 weeks left!! They are really going by pretty fast. John came in yesterday (after TK, of course) and it was such as nice change. It took a little while to change hats from studious student to fiance', and now I am homesick and I see the dreariness in my home away from home. Not that I didn't see it before it'sI just feel it like it's new dreary. Oh, well.

Hey y'all (ya like that??) I graduate on 10/25. Put it on your calandars! I am coming home in 18 days!!!!!! Talk to you again soon!

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