Sunday, September 16, 2007

Whooo hooo!!! Week One is done!

Well, I did it! I made it through week 1!!! 5 1/2 to go!!! It sure has been interesting. Before I fell asleep last night I said I the one week felt like 7.

Since last I wrote, I have been going to class, studying and doing my e learning. I have learned more than I imagined I needed to know about United and airplanes. I also now know what the inside of a 747 looks like inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Goodness... I don't know what to even say. Yesterday was narrowbody class at the United hangar at O'Hare, we went inside of a 737 (those are the oldest planes we have) and were supposed to go through an Airbus (that is the A319 and A320), which are very cool planes. It's what I came back from Seattle on. Anyhow, there was no Airbus that was going to be there, but guess what was?? There were actually two. One was in the hangar and one was parked outside. Our class was split in 1/2 (as usual) and 1-22 is my group. We went in the 747 in the hangar. OK, not to mention the height, or that when we walked to the plane and around it that the wing is larger than the roof of my house, it is AWESOME! We walked all over it, learned about it. Went into the cockpit, saw the pilot sleeping quarters, sat in the 1st class seats and pushed the buttons so they completely reclined into their own little bed. Went up the stairs into the business class and sat in their seats (Wonderful on their own), went through all the galleys, went to the complete back of the plane and two of a time went up these narrow claustraphobic steps into the crew sleeping quarters - man, I think it'd be hard to handle that. It has 6 bunks with curtains, and 2 airplane chairs that recline quite a bit. It's SMALL. This guy Jason was going back down the stpes before me, you have to turn around and go down these steps you see, I said, "I guess we can't wear our skirts or dresses on our International flights on this plane!!!"

We were gone 2-8 and then one of the instructors did a review class until 10 because our 1st quiz is Monday. Long Saturday!!

Today many of us are going to the mall. We all have to get our regulation shoes and other reg's. I also need some warmer stuff than I have and a pillow, and maybe an egg crate mattress. Maybe I'll get a Tempurpedic bed, who knows????

So this next week will hopefully not be as overwhelming as this past one has been. I think it will probably be the same and by the end of week 3 they say we should be able to stop twirling (for those of us who are) and things will start to fit together.

I am still blessed with two great roomates! That makes life much easier being away from my friends and family! I miss you guys!!!


Barbara said...

Thank you for the call, I miss talking to you. Sounds like an incredible week, the work just a part of the journey. You are making wonderful memories and this blog will keep them forever.
I'm so glad you have great room mates. I can't imagine adult women fighting so badly that they get sent home. Maybe the three of you will be able to get a place together in Denver.
This all sounds so exciting and I am so happy for you. Hopefully you will find the mattress topper and a pillow to make sleeping easier.
How is the rest of the family doing?
Brian came in yesterday afternoon and left today to go see his parents. He left the other 4 dogs so I am doing the best I can to cope. He will be back on Thurs but we celebrated his birthday last night with dinner and a cake.
I think he was surprised with his gifts and the cake. Then we went upstairs to Jenn's and played Phase 10. Like a cross between UNO and rummy. Lots of fun.
Hope you have a great second week and will be able to post often.
I love you,

LaurenRae said...

Wow! That is amazing! Hope you were able to get a better pillow at the mall yesterday. You have to send pictures soon! I am glad that you are having a good time and will have memories to last a lifetime. Will both of your roomates be based out of Denver as well? That would be great to move there and already have good friends! Talk to you soon.