Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Here!

Got in yesterday (Sunday) and I know both of my roommates! I met Juli when I came to Chicago for my pre employment physical, and I met Lisa when I came for my second interview. Crazy! Three twin beds and a very old dorm type setting. Gross shower stall (I keep my flip flops on) and the toilet is behind a stall door (like in a public restroom). The pillows are like what I assume they have in prison. I should have brought mine, didn't have room in my 10 suitcases! We had a couple of orientations and got to meet another class that graduates this Thursday. They look so cool in their uniform. I can't wait to get mine.
I slept ok, I took Tylenol PM,so that's probably why. We had to get up at 5:30 this morning so we could all get ready and go eat in the other building before class which started at 8.

Chad is our main whatever you call it for this class. He's pretty cool. Actually everyone is very wonderful. They are all nice and they tell you that their job is to make sure we pass. We graduate on Thursday October 25th and will go home that day. We have to report to work on Wed October 31 (start work on Halloween, I will always remember my start date!) It doesn't give me long at home since I'll have to get to Denver and be settled so I am ready to fly on Wed. I assume I'll have to get there Sunday (no later than). One of our domestic training flights will be to the east coast and the international flight will be either to Munich or Narita/Tokyo. Very cool. They split us up in to 3 groups (there are 40 of us) so sometimes we have different classes at different times. My group went to FAOM class ) which is Flight Attendant Operating Manual) and had Charlie, United's most senior flight attendant, as our teacher. He has flown for 41 years. Because of his seniority he can fly any flight he wants. Anyhow, this manual is our bible and we have to have it everywhere. If we are on a flight without it or if we have not added the updates, we will be pulled from the flight and could be fined $1000 per flight that we flew ant the manual was not up to date. Serious stuff. All of our tests will be open book from Jeff Greenman, United's manager of onboard service training division, told us all to call, email, or text our friends/family to let them know that only 1% of the people appling for this job make it to where we are. He said to tell you all that we are 'the best' (his words not mine,but who am I to argue).

Tomorrow we have class from 8-12 then 1-5. It is so hard to sit there for that long. We do get breaks and that helps, but I was totally trying to keep my eyes open by the time my last class was over this evening at 6. That, by the way, is a big NO NO.

OK, I'm sure that you all are tired of hearing my blog about a day in the life, but I must add that the weather yesterday was beautiful.. 70's, maybe 40% humidity, a light breeze. Today I didn't see too much, but it started raining around 3 and it's dreary and I am cold. Mike, I told you I'd need warm clothes! And I didn't bring an umbrella and it is an outside walk from the training building to the main office where the cafeteria is.

I can't wait to share more with you in a few days.


robin said...

wow tia!!! sounds like a type of bootcamp,but, for flight attendants..... sounds like fun.... and the weather, hopefully it will make a difference in your sinus/headache troubles.... i love you..

LaurenRae said...

Boot camp is right...when do the one-armed pushup's and shaved head come in?!?! haha. I am so happy for you that you are living out your dream. You are one awesome woman Maria. Congrats! I am sorry that I missed drinks at your house, too. =(
Well..I GOT THE JOB!! aaaaaghhhh! woo-hoo! So I didn't have to go to LA for training afterall. Make sure you look me up when you pass through H-Town!!

Love ya,
Lauren B.

Barbara said...

This is an awesome idea and I'm so glad Melissa thought of it and that you listened. LOL!!
I always told you that you were the best. Why is it that our children only believe it when others tell them anything?
I am so proud of you and proud of you for taking this shot at your life's dream. Chances like this don't come often.
You will make it and with flying colors and it will get better with time.
I love you!