Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 2 is done!!

OK, I've made it through week 2, it feels like week 6 though!! Wonder what week 6 will feel like. This was a long week, but then today I thought it went fast. Who knows. Since there is no time for TV and school all day and we do stuff on Saturday, you never know the day of week!

Well, tomorrow I am going on my first training flight!! There are three per flight and my group is going to Denver!! We're going on a 757 and we have trainee aprons and will get to help, but only with service. I'm excited. This is the only training flight where we will be out of uniform, we do our fitting Monday! I'm excited. Then we get our uniforms on the following Thursday (week 4) and will start wearing them daily beginning week 5.

It's been hectic and I feel like I am rambling, but, yesterday my roomate & I went to the mall to get our in-flight shoes before tomorrow. Well, as we walked in to the mall (supposedly the 6th largest in the US - it's called Woodfield Mall) there was this line of people outside this sports memorabilia store 'Field of Dreams' and there was security at the door. I asked a girl what was going on. Anyhow, long story short is that William "the refrigerator" Perry was there and was going to be signing autographs. We had just missed him.

On the way out of the mall, we called a cab and by the time we got outside this other guy had gotten in our cab (van). The driver asked if it was ok if he rode with us up front. Anyhow, on the way back to the training center we were talking to this guy (the back of his head) and he said he was in Chicago on business and that he had a store in the mall and had gone there tonight. Turns out this guy is William somebody (only remember what my 42 yr old mind will let me) and he owns "Field of Dreams' and was the one who brought the fridge to the mall. He took our email addresses and is going to send us some memorabilia (hopefully NASCAR and not the Refrigerator's autograph!!).

I have to get up early again tomorrow (Sat) so we can get to the airport for the crew briefing on time. I'm looking forward to it more than you can imagine. I am going to try and post a picture that we took when we did the FAM's last Saturday at the airport. It's my half of the class (we've since lost 2 more of those, though). Anyhow, if I can do it, it's (obviously) a 747 and we went through it that evening. Wish I'd have brought a camera, I'll try to do better next time!

I miss you all! I'll be home October 25th (the day I graduate) and I leave for Denver Tuesday the 30th. Make time for me that weekend on your calandars!!


leslie said...

Oh my it's been two weeks already?? I'm sure it's dragging for you but hopefully the next couple of weeks will fly by!haha! remember the countdown for Cancun???you will be back before you know it. anyway it's 6 something in the morning and there is no good storm news to chat about so i am going back to bed. i hope you found some cute and comfy shoes at the mall up there. P.S. next time you venture out get a disposable digital camera... they are cheap and good.

We miss ya!
love the scala's

Melissa Renee' said...

Have fun on your little adventure today. I love your blog and what you've done with it! You'll totally appreciate this too down the road. I love you, hope you got your bills...I sent them last night. Have fun with all that...haha!

Love ya! We're good here...dogs love the house...they sleep in your bed...together...and eat in there too, and chew their rawhides in your bed too...its cute, I'll send pictures!